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Herbal AIRE H2.1 Vaporizer

Note: All of our products are only intended as Aromatherapy Devices to relieve respiratory symptoms.

AIRE H2.1 Vaporizer

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Regular Price: $299.99

Special Price: $159.95

Product Features:

  • • Easy to Use
  • • Direct Draw or Balloon Bag Delivery
  • • Precise Temperature Control
  • • Reusable Mouthpiece
  • • Heats Up Quickly

Accessories (Included):

    1 x Main Mouthpiece
    2 x Extensions
    1 x Upgraded Pump
    1 x Tubing with Connector
    1 x Removable Crucible
    1 x Whip
    4 x Balloon Bags
    2 x Mouthpieces and Clamps


The AIRE H2.1 Vaporizer is an affordable forced-air vape that is easily outpacing the competition. There are 18 tiny jets that produce heated air in a precise manner so that the material blend is only permeated with each vapor inhalation. This function proves to preserve your material blend especially in idle use. The AIRE H2.1 Vaporizer can extract vapors from the vaped remains of any volcano vaporizer in the market. Talk about being outstanding. The device extracts active plant ingredients using the lowest possible temperature for maximum energy efficiency. In comparison, MaterialAire could extract about four to six times more active dry blend ingredients than smoking.

Additional Information

Vaporizer Type Dual (Balloon + Whip)
Delivery Method Balloon Bag
Warranty Info

3 Year Warranty - Heating Element and Electronics

Height 10
Width 6
Length 4
Weight 4.1000

Customer Reviews

Balloon Bags like a boss.
Review by Sheil Kapadia on May 12, 2014
I wanted a vape that could do balloons, I tried my friends Volcano and fell in love. Of course I didnt want to spend that much money so I shopped around and landed on the HerbalAire. At first I was worried that I was not going to get the same level of vapor that the Volcano produced. Well I was very relieved to find that the HerbalAire is just as capable. This is my first vape so maybe I am missing something but after hitting the Volcano and using my vape I have no idea why someone would spend that much money. The HerbalAire heats up fast and makes very thick vapor, if you are on a budget and need a good home vape I would recommend checking this thing out before you spend big bucks on an overpriced unit.