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Vapir One 5.0 Vaporizer

Note: All of our products are only intended as Aromatherapy Devices to relieve respiratory symptoms.

Vapir One 5.0 Vaporizer

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Product Features:

  • • Fast Heat Up Time
  • • Dual Functionality - Whip or Balloon Bag
  • • Key - Lock Mechanism
  • • 3 Fan Settings
  • • Precise Digital Temperature Display
  • • 3 Month Warranty

Accessories (Included):

    1 x Power Cord
    2 x Re-Usable Material Discs
    1 x Vapir Matrix Tube Attachment
    1 x Vapir Inflation Kit (5 x Balloon Bags)
    1 x Mouthpiece



If you're looking for a powerful handheld vaporizer that gets the most out of your flowers and really allows you to taste their essence, look no further than the Vapir One 5.0. This premier portable vaporizer features a distinctive "grip" design and boasts dual-functionality -- you can use it with a bag or a whip, whichever delivery method you prefer. It comes preprogrammed with  three fan settings so you get exactly the consistency of vapor YOU want.



The Vapir One 5.0 Vaporizer is one of the most powerful handheld vaporizers ever created. Though its design is a little awkward, the electronics and functionality are nothing short of exceptional. What we love about the One 5.0 is the ability to use either a balloon bag or a whip delivery to get your vapor clouds. Never before has a handheld vaporizer worked so flawlessly with a whip attachment. The One 5.0 was one of the first Dual Use vaporizers and it definitely stands the test of time.

Additional Information

Vaporizer Type Handheld
Delivery Method Balloon Bag
Warranty Info

3 Month Warranty - Heating Element and Electronics

Height 10.00
Width 3.00
Length 9.50
Weight 2.2000

Customer Reviews

Prepare to be blown away!
Review by Mary Kay Cabot on May 12, 2014
At first I was a little bit concerned by the 3 month warranty but I had to come back and write a review. This vaporizer is the sh*t, I have used it almost everyday for the pas5 five months and have had zero issues. The three different fans settings are nice because not all plants have the same level of moisture and you will need to adjust depending on what you have. I got five balloon bags with my purchase and noticed that they last a really long time. Make sure not to throw out your bags because you can collect the honey from after you have used them for a while. The honey is amazing and will have you feeling good all day, #wastenothing